Résumé de la critique du trailer The Giver:

The Giver

The Giver is a science-fiction movie. The cast seems great. We can see in the trailer a famous actress Meryl Streep, who seems to be the ruler in this strange future world. The main character (the hero) is a young boy, probably a teenager who seems to question this fake world. The plot is quite original and the trailer makes us want to watch the movie, we want to know more. At the beginning we see they have created a world with strict rules, every day people must have an injection and the world is in black and white, this shows how their life is controlled. But when the hero starts skipping his injections he starts to see colours and thanks to the Giver, he starts to understand that people lie to him. We understand he is going to fight and try to free other people from this strange world!

The special effects are not really stunning but they are quite efficient, the black and white scenes at the beginning symbolise the world they are living in. This is really original because it symbolises the fact that people can’t see everything. They just do what they are told!

The music is interesting, the sounds are quite stressful, and they help create suspense.

As a conclusion, we can say that this trailer is quite good because we want to watch the movie and to know what will happen to the young boy and to this fake world!